What we do

Classroom Coaching

10th Grade Tutorial College: Prepare thoroughly for your board exams with our focused coaching that covers all subjects.

11th Grade Tutorial College: Build a strong foundation for your senior secondary education with our expert coaching.

12th Grade Tutorial College: Excel in your board exams and competitive entrance exams with our specialized coaching.

Individual Tutoring

Personalized Attention: Receive one-on-one tutoring to address specific learning needs and challenges.

Flexible Scheduling: Schedule sessions at your convenience for effective learning.

NIOS Coaching

Flexible Learning: Prepare for NIOS exams with our flexible and comprehensive coaching programs.

Tuition for 9th to 12th Grades (CBSE, Stateboard, NIOS)

Comprehensive Coverage: Get thorough guidance and support for all subjects in CBSE, Stateboard, and NIOS curricula.

School Entrance Exam Coaching

Prepare with Confidence: Ace your school entrance exams with our specialized coaching and mock tests.

Support for Failed/Dropout Students


Pass Your Exams: Our college provides the right guidance and support for failed/dropout students from State Board, CBSE Board, and NIOS Board exams (8th/10th/11th/12th) to pass their exams

Online and Offline Classes

Flexible Learning Options: Choose between online and offline classes to suit your preferences and schedule

Join with us

join with us we will help to attain your goals in a healthy way.

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